Classic extra virgin olive oil Frisella with fresh tomato

Classic extra virgin olive oil Frisella with fresh tomato


  • Durum wheat Friselle
  • Fresh cherry tomatoes
  • Di Carlo Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Basil or oregano
  • Salt
  • Pepper

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Did you know…

The frisella or frisa, is an authentic symbol of the Mediterranean diet and, in particular, of the Lucanian cuisine.

It is a large crunchy tarallo made from durum wheat flour, barley or other cereals, which is “bis-cotto”, that is, cooked twice: the first time it is cooked to a golden colour, then cut in half horizontally with a string, and lastly it is baked again to eliminate any trace of humidity, until it is a crunchy biscuit consistency.

The very technique with which the frisella is cut in half (“choke”) is responsible for the different appearance of its two surfaces: while the lower surface remains smooth and compact, the upper one is rough and irregular.

The origins of this simple and genuine recipe, are lost in the mists of time: the first friselle were enjoyed as travel bread 3,000 years ago, on board Phoenician ships!

Before consuming them, the sailors soaked them in sea water, and then flavoured them with olive oil and onions.

Thanks to their typical ring shape, the friselle were conveniently stored and transported hanging on a string, like pearls on a delicious necklace!

How is it made?

The frisella is hard and crunchy, which is why, before being seasoned and tasted, it must be softened and soaked with water, but not too much.

The frisella must not be too wet or too dry: it must remain compact and crunchy inside!

Therefore, avoid leaving it to soak for too long. Wet its surface with water at room temperature, as evenly as possible (feel it to check that it has softened to the right point).

After having softened the friselle, you just need to season it. The ingredients of this “poor” recipe are simple, but they must be fresh and of excellent quality.

The traditional recipe involves dressing the friselle with a good Extra Virgin Olive Oil, fresh tomatoes, salt, basil or oregano.

Proceed as follows: place the friselle on a large plate or tray and season them with a generous round of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, then add a pinch of salt.

At this point, rub the tomatoes on the top surface of the friselle, so that their juice penetrates deeply and gives them flavour.

Make a few more turns of oil, then salt the tomatoes; you can also add a little pepper if you wish.

Then sprinkle with chopped dried oregano or garnish with a couple of fresh basil leaves.

If you love garlic, you can rub a clove on the friselle, before moistening them with water.


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