Innovation and Sustainability

and Sustainability

We innovate by tradition, and respecting the environment
The emblem of our commitment, in addition to our certified quality Oils, is represented by the distinctive packaging that enfolds them: the Tetra Pak® brik. Our oils are the first and the only ones in Italy to be packaged in Tetra Pak®.

We support the future with daily choices

The commitment to our customers and their families is inextricably linked with the commitment to the planet.

Product quality and environmental sustainability, together with innovation and tradition, are the key values that guide us in our work, every day.

Why Tetra Pak®?

The choice of this material is the result of research conducted by the Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences of the University of Perugia, which tested three materials for the conservation of oil: green glass, UVAG glass and Tetra Pak® cardboard.

The research compared 3 oil samples in three packs of the indicated materials, subjecting them to the same temperature and light exposure conditions as they would be exposed on a supermarket shelf.
After 300 days the oil contained in the Tetra Pak® had maintained 80% of the initial value of phenol compounds and vitamin E, against 49% of the oil contained in the UVAG glass (the most shielding) and 31% of that in green glass.

Tetra Pak® was found to be the most effective material in reducing the absorption of visible and ultraviolet light, drastically limiting the oxidation of extra virgin olive oil.

Also from a sensorial point of view, this material proved to be ideal: the EVO oil contained within it, over time, does not sour on the palate or become rancid, but retains its typical fruity notes.

Tetra Pak® helps us protect our oil, but also the future of our planet: the use of renewable materials allows us to reduce our environmental footprint.

How is
Tetra Pak® sustainable?
Tetra Pak® is mainly made up of paper, a natural and renewable resource, coming from forests certified according to rigorous international standards.
1. Lower environmental impact The material it is made of produces less carbon dioxide emissions into the environment than alternative materials. In addition, the Tetra Pak® cartons, being lighter than glass and easy to store, favour greater efficiency in transport: fewer trucks on the road equals less CO2 in the air. 2. Responsible forest management The paper used in Tetra Pak® packages is certified according to rigorous international standards that guarantee sustainable forest management.

3. Recycling and the Circular Economy Tetra Pak® packages are completely recyclable: in 2017 alone, over 46 billion were recycled with a view to the Circular Economy.

Tetra Pak®
is composed
of the 6 R’s

Your Oil in
Tetra Pak® module

So we protect the planet together

  • Quality protection
  • Easy handling
    and practicality
  • Environmental

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